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How to write an Advertorial – Sample| Content Pie

What is an advertorial ?
'An advertisement disguised as a regular editorial content.'

Advertorial is a subtle method of reaching out to your target audience by strategically placing ad or sales content in online and offline media. Brands pay to have their content published and leverage the popularity of a newspaper, magazine or online portal.

It is an information led advertising and carries editorial and promotional copy. Though, there is no fixed rule and format for it, we can always follow 70-30 rule wherein 70% of the article talks about the features of the product or service and remaining 30%  covers the actual deal or offer. Industry-specific jargons and buzzwords bring an interesting value to your advertorial content.


There are times when you want to escape from a stretched lifestyle and relax to rejuvenate your body as well as your inner-self. Nothing is more exciting and rejuvenating than going for a drive away destination and enjoy the luxury of your precious free time. You can go far and wide and you can keep moving on and on through places but there are some destinations that will leave you awestruck and The Deltin Daman is one of them.

Just three hours drive from Mumbai and Surat, The Deltin, Daman the newest luxury destination in town offers a perfect escapism with its luxurious 400 Square feet rooms, a lavish spa with seven treatment rooms, the finest restaurants and the largest open pool with expansive party area within its 10 acre complex.

The Deltin brand promises an ideal mix of entertainment and hospitality, reflecting luxury and innovative lifestyles that match some of the best in the world. What more lavishing is the mind-blowing offer that it has got in its basket.

The Deltin Daman is offering a unique chance to all its patrons to make their road journey much more interesting and fun. Offering a luxurious treatment and never seen before hospitality, The Deltin Daman is offering its guest 25 liters of fuel and a buy one + one complimentary drink on their visit to its lavish property.

If you enjoy hitting the road, drive to The Deltin and enjoy the sunset by the luxurious poolside with a drink while your tank is filled up for the return. So, if you do not have any travel plans yet, make is quickly to enjoy an unforgettable outdoor trip.




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