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Utmost Lavishness – Luminous Luxury Ceiling Fans | Content Pie

Fans that accentuate the magnificence of your home

Luxury in India has always been associated with flashy cars, elite paintings, eclectic collectables, and invaluable jewellery. With the country being known as ‘The Golden Bird’, luxury is something, which has been afforded to the compatriots in huge numbers.

The definition of luxury, which has today taken an grander definitions to include ‘pièce de résistance’ like Italian marble flooring, Persian carpets, Crystal light fittings in Gold plating and world-class furniture and artefacts etc, has truly revolutionized the Indian luxury market.


Thus in an effort to create a niche in the never-targeted before home accessories market, Luminous – one of ‘India’s most Trusted Brand’, has entered the luxury home decor category with its exquisite ceiling fan range that is designed to uplift the luxury profile of opulent homes. Matchless features are well integrated into the technologically advanced ceiling fan that is designed to assure noise-free smooth breeze apart from enhanced indoor décors.


Class and comfort come together with Luminous’ world-class Decorative fans that come with bright electroplated components, functional LED lights and fully functional RF Touch pad remote regulator. The intricately designed fans have simple installations and are meant to give noise free smooth breeze apart from enhancing the décor settings. The designs, profiles and color shades of the fans give a visual appeal to the surroundings and redefine the luxurious décor settings.



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