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Switch-on opulence in your dream home | Content Pie

There are numerous ideas riding in your mind and you have a kitty full of brochures to decide the wall’s color, type of cushions and furniture’s theme. But, are you missing something significant here? Yes. One thing you tend to miss out is the color combination of switches to adorn your walls, interior decor and house theme.

Along with your family, walls are the foundation of your home. They complete the journey of making a beautiful and prosperous home. Hence, the decoration and feel of the walls should not be ignored to ensure that a comfortable and pleased-to-eye environment always surrounds you. To make sure that, you should replace the ordinary switches with the elegantly crafted designer colorful switches for a remarkable accent to your décor.


You can choose from the premium range of classy light switches that are available in market in variety of finishes and styles to bring an aesthetic change to your home settings. Simon, Europe’s finest switch making brand is a leading player in craft and legacy of switch making, offering a class-leading design along with unmatched quality and reliability. The finest technology makes Simon’s switches a product of quality, safety and durability and most importantly an epitome of a magic touch. Energy consumption, shock and high resistance quality are the factors that make these designer switches a must have adornment that matches with your taste and lifestyle.

Nowadays, colorful switch plates have now become a key part of interior design for the connoisseurs who look for perfect combination of technology and design to adorn their home décor. Simon’s designer switches comes in many variants and can be customized based on individuals choice. Electrical lighting is the most important part of the home designing, then why forget the switches which are the key of brightness. The designs and the shades should be picked up considering the theme of the interior design for a magnificent look.



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