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Adoption of Big Data Platform and Monetization by SMEs in India

Internet has revolutionized the business and society functions and has totally changed how businesses operate, governments perform their duty, and people live in a technological environment. A plethora of information is floating around on the internet, in the computers and organizations. Big data analysis has become an essential tool for companies in the recent times. The analysis helps to obtain new information about relevant trends in their respective spheres, and assists the companies to churn out the vital information. Managing big database has becomes crucial for big organizations so they always look to filter out essential data, which can be utilized by the company.

What is “Big Data”? It is an accumulation of data, which is huge and complex to be processed by traditional database management tools. The Human Resource department is one area where in the Big Data plays an important role because as the company gets bigger, the need of proper management of employees arises and traditional HR methodologies seem less effective in this situation. It tracks the applicants applied for a particular job post and also helps in narrow down the rank of each individual to fulfil the multiple job demands while saving time of the HR and providing 95 percent accuracy across different parameters.

Not limited to traditional usage, Big Data is helping the brands and TV channels to collect data on consumer behavior and get to know what their audience is talking about in terms of content and quality of a TV program or product. Termed as textual data, this data helps the companies to place their products accurately in the market. This is why companies working in the fields of marketing analysis, sales analysis corporate communication analysis are using ‘Big Data’ as their first hand tool for getting feedback about the products and reaching out the people.

With big data, the companies can collect and analyze immense quantities of data and information about the functions and operations of their business that further help in predicting future prospects. Using big data analysis allows the companies to create a system that helps them determine which overfilling complaints required urgent attention.

With increasing in quantity of data, organizations have more database than ever before. Tracking of potential customers through website click and understanding the behaviour of current customers are some of the tasks being accomplished by Big Data. It fabulously categorize and manage a variety of unstructured data like audio-visual files, plethora of social networking texts, emails, and huge database of customer support calls and much more.

It helps in joining various tools and hiring the people and transforms how the company’s operation works fundamentally. Big Data is helping the companies largely in advancing their service delivery and generating more personalized services and perceiving observance issues. Big data is implemented not only in medicine and in consumer goods industries; it changes how governments functions and alters the nature of politics. Here is to note that big data initiatives are taking a leap in government agencies and producing effective results mainly for emergency services.

Big data is reform the concept of the way we live, work, and think in different conditions.  Talking about its future prospects in favor of human, it will help to trace the climate change and analyze pollution data to detect the areas where efforts need to be made to diminish problems. The sensors embedded in smartphones will help in generating a database of data that will allow climatologists to measure and create the model of global warming more accurately. It will enable the society to experiment faster and explore more data and information and will help in producing more innovation.



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