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G-Shock: A shock-resistance brand success | Content Pie

Casio India Co. Pvt. Ltd. has been operating in India since 1996 and has established the distribution channel as well as the brand for most of its products. Casio Computer Co., Ltd, Japan, the parent company of CIC is engaged into manufacturing and marketing of various consumer products throughout the world.

Casio India’s range of products include sales & marketing of Handheld Calculators, Desktop Calculators, Scientific Calculators, Printing Calculators, Label Printers, Laser-LED based green Projectors, Wrist Watches, Clocks, ECR (Electronic Cash register) and EMI (Electronic Musical Instrument). The company has also established service centers across the country to provide after-sales-service at the doorstep of the customer. Today, Casio is known for its reliable product quality and exemplary innovations and is one of the world’s most recognized brands due to its vast product range.

Casio- Brand Story
The article appeared in Exhibit Magazine, June 2016 edition

Here, we are going to know more about the success story of Casio Wristwatches- G-Shock to be precise.

Casio G-Shock

What makes a brand irresistible? When, its products trigger a wide spreading cultural change all over the world and push the technological boundaries of quality and innovation. G-Shock by Casio can easily be placed in this category as the brand uniquely differentiates itself from its competitors.

The unique and innovative marketing strategy of the brand with the focus on both offline and online public mediums, the brand G-Shock has created a niche image among the personas including professionals, geeks, travelers, fashion aficionado, tech lovers, adventurers, students, and celebrities in the country.

What makes the brand more exciting is that the brand has no celebrity association but with its appealing product line, it has been able to create a strong connection with film stars and music artists worldwide. Film celebrities like Vin Diesel, Tom Cruise, Akshay Kumar, Bradley Cooper, Ranveer Singh and Arnold Schwarzenegger and popular artists like Justin Bieber, Eminem, Rihana can be seen flaunting their G-Shock watches at various occasions. From street style to worldwide celebrities, the G-Shock shares a humongous loyal fan following as the most preferred brand to flaunt the attitude and style.

So, what is the reason that G-Shock is religiously being followed across the globe and in our country? The enormous success of the brand can be traced to its interesting history, inspiring product success stories and huge fan following worldwide.

In 1983, an engineer working for Casio named Kikuo Ibe also known as the Father of the G-Shock designed the first G-Shock watch, the Casio DW-5000C. Once he dropped his only watch and it shattered into a million pieces. Heartbroken by this incident, he decided to design a shock-resistant and tough watch. The Casio DW-5000C was tested on 200 prototypes by dropping it from rooftops of third story building. Soon, the first G-Shock models became a big hit around the world especially among the youth who appreciated its toughness and rebellious spirit.

The G-Shock trends continued to widespread across the world in early 90s and the brand started foraying into different business verticals including the introduction of female-centric brand of tough and technologically advanced Baby-G watches. Today, Casio watches have become a style statement and people from different lifestyles can be spotted in mountains, seas, skies, and streets wearing their favorite G-Shock watch on their wrists. By pairing functionality, technology, and durability, the brand has established itself as the creator of today’s youth culture and fashion.

Today, G-Shock touches the pulse of a much wider range of consumers including athletes, soldiers, adventure junkies, outdoor activity lovers and travel freaks. The loyal consumer base appreciates the brand for its toughness and latest features that is rare to find in other brands.



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