How to Write a Speech for a Launch Event

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Public speaking is an art. An art of words, expressions and persuasion. A well planned speech can really create a big impact on your audience. A new brand has an added advantage of creating a fresh and enduring impact on audience if uses the right channel and communication. As communication is the key here, use of product launch event as a platfrom can be a great buzz creator to deliver the message. To make it impactful and interesting for media and audience, a well-planned, concise and relevant speech plays an important role.


Event: launch || Spokesperson: Chief Visionary Officer
Draft Speech

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentleman! Thanks for stopping by.

I am delighted to be here today to officially launch my dream venture, I would just like to highlight what is, the idea behind this venture, our mission and what you can expect from us in terms of products and services.

If the current projections are anything to go by, India is on route to becoming the fastest growing e-commerce market in the world. The e-commerce market in India has seen an exceptional growth of almost 50% in the last five years. The e-commerce market in India was estimated worth $2.3 billion in October last year and reports suggest that the value will increase more than 10 times to $32 billion by 2020.

This growth story is driven by robust investment activity in the sector, backed by the demand of industry expansion on year on year basis. At the same time, growth has been driven further by a rapid adoption of technology like smartphone, tablet and internet. Another reason for the huge success of e-commerce companies in India has been the introduction of the ‘cash on delivery’ option, which has helped e-commerce companies in gaining the consumer trust.

The vision of connecting 1+ billion people with mobile and internet services is phenomenal but what most excites me here is the prospect of selling products and services to this large digital population. The idea of starting comes from the commitment of targeting, the right customers at the right time to give an edge to my entrepreneurial journey. Mr. Yadvendra Roy, my father and the founder of Kaka Group has been a great inspiration for me during this wonderful journey and going forward I see to achieve a great success in terms of business growth and consumer engagement under his mentorship. is one-stop online shopping destination offering a wide range of women’s category, men’s category, gadgets, home décor, and kitchen products. A dynamic brand, provides its customers a simple, user friendly and trustworthy shopping experience. The company makes online shopping a consumer-friendly process with its multiple USPs like personal manager, same day dispatch, and quality check.

If we talk about our brand associations, we are representing a complete range of exciting brands including Targus, Baggit, Wildcraft, Samsung, Karbonn, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Lenovo, HP, VIP, Skybags, Alpha Footloose, Levis, UCB, Spykar, Numero uno, Puma, Nike and Zodiac to name a few. As a testimony to a rich customer experience, we are offering our own range of innovative, trendy and cost-friendly products to our consumers. aims to be the first self-funded company to achieve breakeven and be recognized as the best customer service provider in Indian e-commerce domain. We as a new brand do not believe in making big claims but we assure that our consumers get a superior buying experience, timely delivery and quick resolution. Trust is our driving force and we want to standout in the market by keeping our focus on consumer satisfaction and providing the best services to our customers.

That’s all for the moment.
Thank you all for celebrating this launch with us today.

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