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New flavoursome culture of craft beer in India | Content Pie

The trend of meeting and greeting on beer is rapidly growing. Today, more and more people are getting hooked to the concept of freshly brewed crafted beer. Drinking beer is the new way of opening a conversation because you open a bottle or two and then starts never-ending talks, fun, and nostalgic experiences.

Craft beer is swiftly grabbing the taste of millennials who want to enjoy the taste of healthy, light and freshly brewed drinks. This trend is not only changing the concept of consuming drinks but also creating new business avenues for entrepreneurs in fast emerging F&B industry.


The idea of drinking beer is changing as people are going for beer taste rather than having a kick after drinking any alcoholic drink. With fresh craft beer scene in India, beer cafes are now delighting their guests with new taste and flavors, which were unexplored by Indian beer lovers before. Craft beer brings a collection of experiences from around the world.

Some craft beers have created a niche as ‘Any Time’ beer because of their perfect and balanced blend of zesty flavors and spiciness. Going apt with this trend, a number of microbreweries have been set up in major Indian cities to offer the Indian beer lovers with varied and premium quality craft beer.

India per capita beer consumption is close to 1.4 litre annually, which is very low when compared to world’s average of 65 litre annually. There is no doubt that India will be one of biggest beer markets in the coming years. Catering to this huge demand, Craft Beer will take the beer lovers on a flavoursome adventure of rich taste and authentic experience.



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