How To Write A Travel Article | A Short Guide To Travel Writing

Sharing ideas, stories and lifestyle has become a trend today. People are doing everything to be in attention and let others know what they are up to. Traveling is the most discussed topic online as more and more people are coming up with awe-inspiring travel stories and conversations. Blogging has become a strong medium for personal branding and experiential content is bringing like-minded audience closer than ever.

An appealing and interesting content can attract travel start-ups, travel companies and media publications for their blogs or travel columns. Remember, the world is hungry for good content and brands are always on the look out for travel writers who can create impactful articles and stories.

But here comes the first hurdle: how to write a travel article or story? While professionals can write while exploring, newbies keep wondering how to express their wonderful experience. For the latter, here is a SIMPLE tip: just pick a pen and paper or laptop or smartphone and start drafting your first travel story. Take one step a time and make your way to tell your travel experiences to the world.

There is no fixed rule and format but here are some useful tips to write an effective article:

  • Interesting intro/heading

An interesting introduction gives your readers a strong reason to read your 800-1000 words article. Persuade them with phrases, humour, dialogues and hold their attention.

  • Story flow

Traveling is a series of events. Some events might not be relevant to include. So follow your intro and expain it in the most engaging way possible.

  • Objective

Always have an objective in mind while explaining things. Bring your readers to same page and then let them experience everything through your words.

  • Visual Appeal

Once you have a story flow and objective, gather the pictures that fit it. Keep poking your readers’ imagination until they join you in your story.

  • Authenticity

There is no scope for fiction here. Refrain from mentioning imaginary events, people and places. Provide your audience the actual story and motivate them to pack their backpack.

Here is an article I worked on for Chhattisgarh Tourism Board while handling their PR & Content mandates:

Hidden treasures remain unexplored in Chhattisgarh, the ‘Land of Surprises’

A 15-year old name with more than 20,000 years old legacy, this is one place in India where an undiscovered land is strongly guarded by nature, tradition and culture. Home to unchartered forests, exotic wild animals and mysterious turns of pathways that promise adventure and exploration, Chhattisgarh is a turly a ‘Land of Surprises’. The majestic state attracts adventurists with its lineage of ancient known and mysterious treasures.

A visit to Chhattisgarh is akin to a sense of discovery much similar to the ones experienced during discovery voyages done by early explorers like Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo and Vasco Da Gama among others. True to the experience, Chhattisgarh offers surprises at every step, where you are pleasantly surprised at the variety of anecdotes on offer. Imgagine this, Bastar, a prehistoric destination is the living place of one of the oldest and the most talented tribal communities of the world. The community indulge in the timeless activity of Ghotul that is a very evolved and liberated socializing system, where young people interact, seek friendships, relationships and much more. Now you know where the inspiration for ‘Today’s Social Networking’ comes from.

Home to the country’s largest waterfalls and of forests as dense and diverse as the Amazon rainforests, Chhattisgarh boasts of more than 80% of bio-diversity that is unfounded anywhere across the country. The state is so diverse that sometimes it is really surprising to imagine that such a diverse landscape exists in the cacophony of urban architecture of the country. Some of the standout places worth visiting in Chhattisgarh are the famous Chitrakote Falls or more famously know as ‘the Niagara Falls of India’. Situated in the Bastar district, the Chitrakote Falls with a drop of over 100ft form via the merger of Indravati, Hasdeo, Sheonath and Mahanadi rivers, making it the most expansive falls in the country. The swollen falls during Monsoons are a sight to behold as they create the most panoramic and awe-inspiring scenic visuals ever.

Known as ‘Milky Falls’, the Triple Falls of Tirathgarh are forth loaded and milky all year round. Located in the Kanker Valley, which is known for its dense vegetation and virgin untouched forests, the Falls are the jewels, which even gods could not touch. A trekker’s paradise the actual challenge is to trek upto an ancient Shiva Temple on the opposite hills that presents challenges of the highest orders to experienced travellers. While the trek is strenuous, the views from the top are heavenly. No doubt Lord Shiva chose these forests to bestow his divine blessings.

Nearby are situated the famous and dark Kotumsar Caves that are the deepest and longest underground caves. With a deepness of over 300 feet into the womb of earth, the caves are so dark that the fish that live and grow in the caves are born blind because they have evolved over thousands of years by never seeing even a speck of light in their lives. The oldest, darkest and deepest living caves that we can ever experience hide probably the deepest Shiv Linga on earth.

An exquisite place on route to the next discovery is Sahegaon which boast of pre-historic rock paintings done thousands of years ago. These paintings are today regarded as a mark of an ancient evolved civilization, which left the testaments of time from thousands of years ago for generations to come and wonder in awe. While such amazing places lie strewn all across Chhattisgarh, lets not forget our country’s mythology. It is said that Lord Rama roamed across the deep forests of Chhattisgarh during his time, while Goddess Sati’s fell on this pious land during the time of Lord Shiva’s Tandava giving rise to the much visited Maa Danteshwari Temple.

Such is folklore and history of Chhattisgarh that every second person that you meet in your visit will regale you with anecdotes, which will leave you spell-bounded and amazed at the diversity and secrets of the state. A visit to Chhattisgarh is nothing but a blissful experience to realize your existence and connect with yourself in most divining and fulfilling way.

Note: I curated and created content for Chhattisgarh Tourism Board. Copyright laws apply.


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