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How To Write A Travel Article | A Short Guide To Travel Writing

Sharing ideas, stories and lifestyle has become a trend today. People are doing everything to be in attention and let others know what they are up to. Travelling is the most discussed topic online as more and more people are coming up with awe-inspiring travel stories and conversations. Blogging has become a strong medium for personal branding and experiential content is bringing like-minded audience closer than ever.

An appealing and interesting content can attract travel start-ups, travel companies and media publications for their blogs or travel columns. Remember, the world is hungry for good content and brands are always on the look out for travel writers who can create impactful articles and stories.

But here comes the first hurdle: how to write a travel article or story? While professionals can write while exploring, newbies keep wondering how to express their wonderful experience. For the latter, here is a SIMPLE tip: just pick a pen and paper or laptop or smartphone and start drafting your first travel story. Take one step a time and make your way to tell your travel experiences to the world.

There is no fixed rule and format but here are some useful tips to write an effective article:

  • Interesting intro/heading

An interesting introduction gives your readers a strong reason to read your 800-1000 words article. Persuade them with phrases, humour, dialogues and hold their attention.

  • Story flow

Traveling is a series of events. Some events might not be relevant to include. So follow your intro and expain it in the most engaging way possible.

  • Objective

Always have an objective in mind while explaining things. Bring your readers to same page and then let them experience everything through your words.

  • Visual Appeal

Once you have a story flow and objective, gather the pictures that fit it. Keep poking your readers’ imagination until they join you in your story.

  • Authenticity

There is no scope for fiction here. Refrain from mentioning imaginary events, people and places. Provide your audience the actual story and motivate them to pack their backpack.



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