Add a zesty flavor to this festivity with Witlinger craft beer

This festive season wrap your hands around the new curvy bottles of India’s first authentic craft beer Witlinger and wet your throats with a zesty flavor of honestly crafted Wheat Ale beer. Enjoy a flavorsome togetherness and add more fun to your celebration with freshly brewed craft beer, which brings 130 years legacy of traditional brewing expertise from United Kingdom to India.

Adding a festivity spirit to this season, the brand is offering free merchandise on the purchase of 4-bottle case as a perfect gift option for your beer buddies. The brand has also introduced its unique English Beer Café, ‘Wit Bar by Witlinger’ in Goa and will launch the same in Delhi and Mumbai by the end of this fiscal year.

Witlinger by Kama Impex Pvt. Ltd is brewed with a sole idea of providing the beer lovers with varied and premium quality craft beer experience. The White Ale beer is the refreshing Belgium style wheat beer with a lingering taste of orange zest and spices. It is cloudy and partially filtered and has fruity flavors making it easy to drink beer any time of the day. The crisp beer is brewed with wheat malt and using traditional Ale yeast.


Available in two variants, Witlinger Wheat Ale and Witlinger Lager, the bottle is priced at Rs 150 and Rs 160 per bottle in Delhi and Mumbai market respectively. The packaging and designing take cues from a traditional Belgium bottle profile, thus bringing a signature look of finest, premium and adventurous beer brand. The ‘Any Time’ beer is already is big hit in major bars, retail outlets, restaurants, clubs, 5 star hotels and cafes including Beer café, Warehouse, Townhouse, Open House and Lord of Drinks among others.

Note: I curate and create content for Witlinger Craft Beer. Copyright laws apply.


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