Content Writing

How to write problem specific content – Samples| Content Pie

Sky’s the limit but when it comes to digital content, you need to play around limits only. While Twitter gives the liberty of 140 characters, the app designing makes it more complicated for a content person. App content is all about – express more, write less. So how to win the game when you have to play around limited characters?

Here are some examples:

Scenario: No search result page 
Characters: 30
- Well, it happens. Let’s try again
- Oops! No results for this query
- Try again with right keyword
Scenario: Page taking longer to load 
Characters: 30
- Hang on! We are just reaching there
- Sleepy server is waking up slowly
- High five for your patience!

Scenario: Payment failed 
Characters: 30
- Hold on! We are working on it
- Sorry Patron. Let’s try again
- We can make it work. Try again

Scenario: You received credits from a friend 
Characters: 20
- Sam gives you $5 credit
- Enjoy your $10 credits
- $5 credits. Lucky you!



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