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Percept One successfully completed the first of the many – an interactive workshop on the Automobile industry across Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and lastly, New Delhi. It was moderated by Aritreyee Chaudhuri, Sr. Manager Strategy, Percept/H, Bangalore. Participants from all corridors of Percept One came together to learn whilst indulging in a Percept One mandate, fun.

This initiative needs to be recognised as a first step towards realising the vision of Percept One. Workshops help bring teams together in an environment that is more encouraging. In addition to helping attendees learn further on a particular domain, workshops enable collaboration minus hierarchical limitations. Limited as all work spaces get by the client universe and the focus on the immediate and dare one say, numbers – workshops provide an outlet to channelise, or even, reignite creative thinking. By encouraging participation, these sessions often bring new talent to the fore. Even as they do much to get teams to recognise each other’s strengths.

Nupur Mahajan, Chief Executive Officer, Percept One, said, “Such initiatives have been envisioned to accelerate our learning abilities and ensure Percept One is rooted in growth. Learning must never stop, and at Percept One, we are always looking for new ways to expand our horizons as also bring teams closer in the process. There is an entire calendar of workshops planned and we will all keep learning and keep growing. Thank you all for your participation and enthusiasm.”

AutoLoco presented a creative showcase of most popular national and international commercials and their case studies. The session concluded with a brainstorming exercise where participants were divided as teams and had to crack a big campaign idea for a car brand. Fun ensued, as did learning.

Aritreyee Chaudhuri said, “Formulating and running AutoLoco helped me look beyond the usual work that we do for Toyota in Bangalore. It brought out interesting ideas that were a result of cross-discipline collaboration. Today, I stand empowered as I know much talent exists right at my work place.”


Moderator : Aritreyee Chaudhuri

Coordinators : Manjari Gupta and Shampa Maitra

Organiser : Sejal Shah and team HR




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