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Top 5 Trendsetting Watches by G-Shock in 2016 | Content Pie

Styles keep changing with the time and each year we see new trends influencing the taste and choice of high-on-trend consumers. Watch is one category that sets new trends every year and keeps the market abuzz with new designs, style and innovations. The name G-Shock comes in mind at first when we talk about the trendsetter in every culture including the glamorous runway look to the everyday street style.

G-Shock represents a youthful culture and the core philosophy of product innovation is toughness and attitude. The high-on-style watches are unique in design features and colors and can be paired with a variety of attires as a fashion accessory. G-Shock is one such brand which has reinvented your closet over the years with its variety of stylish and tough watches.

G-Shock GWG-1000

The grand G-Shock collection has always been a treat for watch lovers who devotedly follow brand’s unique designs, pattern and concepts. This is the reason that G-Shock culture finds its presence in varied lifestyles and personas including professionals, geeks, travelers, fashion aficionado, tech lovers, adventurers, students, and celebrities.

As we bid adieu to this year, here is the list of top 5 trendsetting watches by G-Shock, which set new trends in 2016:

GWG-1000 and GG-1000 Mudmaster

Continuing its trend of designing tough and stylish watches, Casio introduced G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-1000 and GG-1000 in its Mudmaster series. The watches are engineered for people who seek to challenge the ordinary and perform under the harshest of conditions. Featuring Triple Sensor and mud resist construction, the magnificent timepieces offers a precise measurement of direction, barometric pressure, and temperature information. While the Mud-Resist construction ensures the ruggedness of the time piece, the in-built Wave Ceptor technology automatically adjusts the time based on time signal reception in the region.

G-Steel Series

G-Shock set a new standard for sturdiness and dynamic design with its G-Steel series of watches. The exceptionally crafted timepieces offer outstanding design flexibility with its ‘layer guard structure’ that boasts a double-layer bezel combining resin and metal. The watches feature an exquisite bezel made of metal in the upper layer, and resin in the lower layer delivering the hard beauty of metal, creating a bold style statement. With a combination of analogue and digital displays, the brilliant-looking watches come with sturdy offers excellent functionality and readability.

Camouflage Series

Camouflage has always been a unique style statement and very few brands have experimented with this trend in watch segments. Casio’s stunning camouflage series became an instant hit among wearers because of its perfect casual and sporty look. The GA-100CM and GA-100MM watches offers a refined looks and clean aesthetic, which highlight different patterns. The series sports a new case design and features variety of camouflage patterns, making these watches perfectly suited to today’s street fashion scene.


From super-tough G-SHOCK comes a new collection of GA-400 with a large rotary switch for intuitive operation. The stunning looking watch is accented in bronze to create a hip-hop artist or b-boy fashion motif. Available in black & gold and rose gold combinations on case, band and face, the GA-400GB comes with a boldly cool design for a perfect street style.

G’Mix GBA-400

For music lovers, Casio’s G’Mix GBA – 400 offers a new world of excitement with latest technologies and features. It comes with Bluetooth® SMART for smartphone linkage which enables the watch and a phone to link. Once linked, the watch takes you a musical ride as it works as a remote control to change and manage your favorite tracks. The new G’MIX music app provides a new level of personalization to music playback with song display, volume controls and adjusts sound attributes as per your choice.

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