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Dual-Country Programme: Grooming Local Talent to Create Global Business Leaders

In a growing inter-connected world, business processes have become synchronised to bring out focused results and sustainable business values. Today, the greater need is to groom global business leaders who can lead international businesses towards their true potential. Leaders who can transcend the precincts of cultures, nationality and traditions are considered valuable entities by global businesses and their value is equated in the proverbial scales of gold.

Today, international businesses demand managers with a global outlook who can take the reins of constantly changing business environments. However, unfortunately, the traditional pedagogy practices are still not realigned to highly dynamic business needs of today. From conventional teaching methods to rigid training modules, the young business minds are still being developed one dimensionally that leads to a middling crop of business administrators who fail to get traction in global put-cases.

Herein, looking at the growing demands for international business leaders with an aptitude to handle global challenges, IMT Ghaziabad – India’s premier B-School has devised its international grade Dual-Country Programme (DCP). This programme is attuned to the emergent global management needs and provides an essential skill-set to future managers to make them adept at applying the imbibed skills in a real-time global work environment.

Keeping true to the motto of “Local Depth, Global Breadth”, the Dual-Country Programme makes the students adaptable to different work cultures and equips them to perform under diverse challenging work environments. Practiced at the Dubai Campus of IMT, the Dual-Country Programme offers students  an inimitable opportunity to immerse in the international market and gain experience. Building up a global mindset, the IMT-Dubai campus lays a stable foundation that is strengthened by fusing together eminent faculty, steadfast students and a competitive learning environment that results in academic excellence.

The exposure that students get in the programme helps them gain critical insights into the working of multi-national organizations, while making them understand the global work culture better. It develops a global mindset that promises them much confident and smartness to live a good life. That goes to show that the best of the management students choose the Dual-Country Programme to carve out a niche for themselves and cast their names in the hallmarks of international business.



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