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Snapchat and Instagram roll out new updates | Content Pie

Snapchat and Instagram today rolled out new updates for their respective users. While Snapchat introduced Custom Stories, a new form of Group Story for selective friends, Instagram has added new Archive feature to allow users archive their posts.

Snapchat: Users can create a Custom Story and can decide who can add to it and who can view. Tap the ‘Creat Story’ icon in the top right corner of the main Story page.

The new Snapchat design makes big events, trips, occassions more easier to share. Users will now be able to create global and geofenced stories with the friends of their choice. Users can contribute to as many custom Stories as they like, but they can only create three Custom Stories at a time.

Instagram: Only users can see their Archive posts. The option can be accessed by tappingon the : button in the top right corner of a post.

The new Instagram update lets users hide any of their posts from everyone else, but keeps them safe for them to look at in private or restore to visibility. It refrains them from deleting the posts that didn’t perform well but are close to their heart and memories.

Continuing its copy-paste nature, Instagram is also launching its Snapchat-like location and hashtag based Stories. For example, if a user in Delhi tags a photo or video with the “Delhi” location, it would appear in a series of location stories from other users who used the same tag.

Since all Instagram stories are Facebook stories and all Snapchat Stories are Messenger stories and – vice versa, social media now has become a pie of same ingredients with different tastes.



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