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DRM: A Prerequisite for OTT Platforms

In the present time, when we all are running for time, we still expect entertainment and information to follow us wherever we go. This has increased business opportunities for the digital biggies but at the same time it has increased their problems. Platforms like OTT (Over-the-top) are independently supporting broadcasting and technology business for providing standalone products to the consumers including audio, video and other media that can be transmitted through internet.


Since the OTT platforms are supported by internet to reach their audience on any device and at any place, it makes them equally prone to digital piracy and copyright infringement. Many of the OTT platforms, instead of curating their content, believes in having created their content as it helps them for increased popularity and engagement of the viewers. More the interesting content and compatibility is available on device, more are the chances of achieving the large users. All this accumulates to have bigger problems for the platform owners as they are constantly under pressure for protecting the content from piracy. Now DRM or Digital Rights Management is that one thing that serves these platform owners as the savior.

With the advancements in DRM, the OTT platform owners are little relieved. As the DRM helps them to have complete control over technologies that are used by device manufacturers, publishers, internet browsers, copyright holders and individuals to have the use of digital content limited. If we are getting smarter with technologies, the DRM are getting much smarter with their hands-on the growth of digital media and analog/digital conversion technologies.

So now, when we have enough knowledge of what exactly DRM is, let us understand how it works. With the OTT platforms that are moving progressively towards the fragmented and complex offerings, DRM solutions are evolving every moment towards custom-tailored systems for different devices and browsers. The DRM Platforms are used for uploading, only after you have created or requested encryption key from the DRM providers. It is vital enough for the operators to first decide, which solution is right and profitable for their business.

Since, the DRM changes for web browsers, it is important for the OTT providers to know that their content will not run, if it is protected by DRM technology. Hence, it is imperative for them to know that their content is designed in a way to support all the important DRM formats. This will give an optimally good viewing experience to their consumers and will also protect their content from being copied or pirated.




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