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Bangalore Open Air 2017: The best of heavy metal music in India

The metal music culture in India is growing rapidly with top international bands making their way to the country. Adding to this culture, ‘Bangalore Open Air’ has earned a stature of one of the biggest and most innovative metal festivals in Indian subcontinent.


Conceptualized by Salman U. Syed who previously worked on popular ‘Wacken Open Air Festival’, today,  BOA is THE metal festival that Indian metal lovers can proudly call their own.

The festival has managed to forge a collaboration with most legendary and cutting edge metal acts like German thrash titans KREATOR, Destruction, legendary heavy metal stalwarts, Iced Earth and extreme metal luminaries like Napalm Death and Vader.

Iced Earth






BOA 2017 is literally kicking things into overdrive with tech-thrash legends, Coroner and the inimitable death metal masters, Nile all making their way to India for the first time ever. The local talent is also represented in the form of Kryptos and Speedtrip along with the upcoming sci-fi death metal act, Galaxy Crusher from Bangalore.


With G-Shock powering the festival, metalheads all over the country are going to enjoy an unforgettable metal music experience.




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