Hi there,

I am Anoop Singh Tomer.


I am a communications professional with 6 years of experience in content writing, copywriting and ideation for media, PR, marketing and events.

As a writer, Content Strategist and aspiring Filmmaker, I believe in storytelling and always attempt to incorporate original ideas in my work. I keep myself busy thinking, reading and practicing about the stuff of my interests. A competent professional with a passion for cinema, acting, dance and photography, I believe in doing experiment and trying new things every day.

Content Pie covers a variety of news, topics and discussions around travel, lifestyle, fashion, tech, food, start-up, music, cinema, culture, trends and all things UNIVERSE. The blog is also a good source to learn how to curate and write most effective content and copy for diffrent media, audience, and brands. .

If my work excites you, then drop your interests and queries at anoop.singh162@gmail.com or connect at LinkedIn.

I am always hungry for good conversation and exciting assignments.

Let’s connect.




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